May 21, 2022



1. DNA content is doubled during

 (a) metaphase

(b) Interphase

(c) prophase

(d) telophase

Correct Answer: Interphase

2. Four phases of cell cycle are

(a) G₁→S→G₂→M

(b) S→G₁→G₂→M

(c) G₁→G₂→S→M

(d) M→G₁→G₂→S

Correct Answer:G₁→S→G₂→M

3. Distribution of growth in a root by marking it at equal intervals with Indian ink was originally studied by

(a) Wellensick

(b) Strasburger

(c) Went

(d) Nitsch

Correct Answer: Strasburger

4. Foolish seedling – disease of rice led to the discovery of

(a) ABA

(b) 2, 4-D

(c) IAA

(d) GA

Correct Answer: GA

5. Difference between rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum is that

(a) rough ER has ribosomes

(b) smooth ER has ribosomes

(c) smooth ER takes part in protein synthesis

(d) both has F₁ particles

Correct Answer: rough ER has ribosomes

6. Food in plants is transported mainly as

(a) starch

(b) glucose

(c) glycogen

(d) sucrose

Correct Answer: sucrose

7. Difference between prokaryote and eukaryote lies in

(a) cell size

(b) cell shape

(c) chemical composition of protoplasm

(d) organisation of nuclear material

Correct Answer: organisation of nuclear material

8. Folding of inner membrane of mitochondria are called

(a) grana

(b) cristae

(c) sacs

(d) calcium oxalate crystal

Correct Answer: cristae

9. Dictyosomes are also called

(a) lysosome

(b) Golgi body

(c) ribosome

(d) mitochondria

Correct Answer: Golgi body

10. Fluid mosaic model of cell membrane was put forward by

(a) Danielli and Davson

(b) Singer and Nicolson

(c) Garner and Allard

(d) Watson and Crick

Correct Answer: Singer and Nicolson

11. CO₂ fixation in bundle sheath cells occurs in

(a) C₄ plants

(b) C₃ plants

(c) CAM plants

(d) C₄ plants & C₃ plants & CAM plants

Correct Answer: C₄ plants

12. Flocculation or coagulation of protoplasm is the

(a) interchangeability between sol and gel states

(b) ability to scatter that beam of light

(c) erratic zig-zag movements of protoplasmic particles

(d) ability of protoplasm to increase in size when they lose their charges

Correct Answer: interchangeability between sol and gel states

13. Coagulation will not be affected in the absence of factor

(a) VII

(b) XII

(c) VIII

(d) VI

Correct Answer: VI

14. Flagella with single strand and composed of flagellin is found in

(a) prokaryotes

(b) eukaryotes

(c) both prokaryotes and eukaryotes

(d) none of these

Correct Answer: prokaryotes

15. Cell was discovered by

(a) Robert Brown

(b) Robert Hooke

(c) Camello Golgi

(d) none of these

Correct Answer: Robert Hooke

16. Cell wall shows

(a) complete permeability

(b) semipermeability

(c) differential permeability

(d) impermeability

Correct Answer: complete permeability

17. F₁ particles present in mitochondria are known as

(a) episomes

(b) spherosomes

(c) oxysomes

(d) microsomes

Correct Answer: oxysomes

18. Cell wall of plants is composed of

(a) cellulose and pectin

(b) cellulose and cellulose

(c) cellulose and glycogen

(d) glycogen and starch

Correct Answer: cellulose and pectin

19. F₁ particles are present in

(a) chloroplasts

(b) mitochondria

(c) ribosome

(d) rough E.R

Correct Answer: mitochondria

20. Cell wall consists of

(a) lignin, hemicellulose,protein and lipid

(b) hemicellulose,cellulose,tubulin and lignin

(c) lignin,hemicellulose,pectin and liquid

(d) lignin,hemicellulose,pectin and cellulose

Correct Answer: lignin,hemicellulose,pectin and cellulose

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